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A few reasons to feel good about us

Flexible Policy Options

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all policy. From Occurrence to Stand-Alone Tail, our varied coverage options will fit your unique needs. 


Pure Consent to Settle 

We give you the right to refuse to settle a claim — unlike many insurance competitors who have exceptions in their consent provision. If you want to fight your claim in court, you should have the right to do so.


Financial Strength

We're underwritten by a Berkshire Hathaway company with an A++ financial strength rating from A.M. Best. You can rest assured that we’ll be able to protect you for the entirety of your career.


Low Cost

From a first-year policy for as low as $50 to generous premium credits, we help chiropractors save on their annual costs in a variety of ways. 

Included coverages at no additional cost

With ChiroPreferred, you get comprehensive, industry-leading coverage. Learn more about what's included in your policy.*

Cyber and Privacy Liability Coverage

If you need to pay defense costs, expenses, fines, penalties and other damages related to a breach of confidential (i.e. medical or financial) patient information, aggregate policy limits coverage up to $100,000. Click here to learn more.

Medicare/Medicaid Billing Defense Coverage

If the government audits your practice, aggregate policy limits provide up to $100,000 in coverage once a formal records request is made.†

Third Party Payor Coverage

If a third party (e.g. A healthcare insurance company) were to file a claim against you, for improper billing or reimbursement, aggregate policy limits cover up to $100,000 of expenses.†

Administrative Hearing Coverage

If a board action is filed against you and you need defense, aggregate policy limits covers up to $100,000 of expenses.†

Loss of Earnings Coverage

If you take time off work due to attorney meetings, depositions or court dates for claims, aggregate policy limits cover up to $35,000 of losses.

HIPAA Proceedings Coverage

If a patient alleges a HIPAA violation, aggregate policy limits cover up to $25,000 of expenses.

Deposition Coverage

If you are required to provide a deposition in a claim in which you are not named, aggregate policy limits cover up to $10,000 of expenses.

Sexual Misconduct Coverage

If there is a claim, potential claim or suit involving any actual or alleged sexual misconduct or physical contact related to professional services, aggregate policy limits provide coverage up to $25,000 of expenses.

* Additional coverage limits as of 3/26/20.
† Aggregate policy limits of $100,000 are shared among Medicare/Medicaid Billing Defense Coverage, Third Party Payor Coverage and Administrative Hearing Coverage.


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Must qualify for both new-to-practice and new-to-company credits for $50 policy.