Leading Coverage for as Low as $50


We know new chiropractors are budget-conscious. That’s why we make your first malpractice policy as affordable as possible. For as low as $50 you can get the nation’s leading coverage to protect you during your first year in practice. Your policy includes pure consent to settle, cyber liability, and all the coverages a chiropractor needs to practice worry-free.

New Chiropractor Resources

As you transition from student to chiropractor, we know you'll face a lot of important decisions. Luckily, your malpractice insurance is an easy one.  


We offer new grad resources to help — including a free malpractice insurance survival kit, a carrier comparison tool, and educational risk resources.

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If you're starting your first year of practice, follow the steps below to apply for your first ChiroPreferred policy.

  1. Select your state below

  2. Download the editable PDF and save to your desktop before completing

  3. Complete the application and save

  4. Email completed application to solutions@chiropreferred.com

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"It’s important to understand what limits are required and specified by your state as well as the key differences between Claims-made and Occurrence policy types. Luckily, you don't have to navigate these topics on your own because ChiroPreferred has a knowledgeable team to help you make an educated decision."


"I would tell new chiropractors that there are many options out there when it comes to malpractice insurance, but take your time and establish a connection with your vendors. If you perceive care and individual attention is given, this is an important sign should you ever need support in the future."


"ChiroPreferred’s $50 policy allowed me to put capital aside at the beginning of my career. I was able to use what I saved on my first policy toward the expenses of opening my own small office."




Must qualify for both new-to-practice and new-to-company credits for $50 policy.