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Each claim is unique and any determination of coverage depends on the facts of each claim. The claim examples given are hypothetical scenarios provided as illustrations and are for informational purposes only. The amounts presented on this informational page are subject to change and state regulatory approval. All examples assume the cyber and privacy liability insurance limits of liability ($100,000 per claim and first party/$100,000 annual aggregate) for Enterprise Security Event and Privacy Injury Liability, Crisis Management Expense, Fraud Response Expense, Public Relations Expense, Forensic and Legal Expense, Computer System Extortion Loss, Data Recovery Expense, Privacy Regulation Liability, and PCI-DSS Assessments. 


Higher cyber and privacy liability coverage limits available for purchase. Claim expenses are included within and erode the applicable limits of liability for these liability coverages unless otherwise required by the laws of your state. Your cyber and privacy liability insurance limits of liability may also be higher than stated above if required by state law. Cyber and privacy liability insurance can be found within the form titled Cyber Liability and Data Breach Coverage.

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