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Why are more chiropractors choosing ChiroPreferred?

As a chiropractor, you're committed to taking care of your patients. ChiroPreferred by MedPro Group is committed to taking care of you.


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Dr. Clarke explains why he chose ChiroPreferred by MedPro Group

You have a choice

Financial Strength

With an A.M. Best (A++) rating, our insureds rest easy knowing that MedPro is a Berkshire Hathaway company.

Pure Consent to Settle

This provision means you have the right to refuse to settle — unlike many insurance competitors who have exceptions in their consent provision.

Flexible Policy Options

Occurrence and Claims-made policy options mean you can freely choose which type of coverage is best for you and your practice.


We leverage our vast underwriting and actuarial expertise to appropriately assess risk and ensure we're providing chiropractors with the best price possible.

Unrivaled Claims Defense

MedPro has managed more than 400,000 claims since 1899. It’s just one reason why 80% of our claims close without payment. For the few cases that do go to trial, we win 90% of the time.

Patient Safety and Risk Management

More than just insurance. The best claim is the one you never see. That’s why we leverage our relationship with MedPro Group to bring you over 120 years of risk management experience and claims prevention. As an insured, you have access to on-call risk consultants, online articles and webinars, and CE courses that can earn you premium credits. Visit our online education center to get started.


Meet our Chiropractic Advisory Board

Our Chiropractic Advisory Board is comprised of leaders throughout the chiropractic industry to provide meaningful, specialty-specific insight on claims and risk issues. We work together to ensure that the products and services we offer continue to meet the needs of today's chiropractors.

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